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11 healthy games you will never get tired of

Chitarrella is a program for the Macintosh with which you can play cards against the computer. What makes Scopone and Tressette such evergreen games? Here is a possible explanation: The rules are simple (you learn them in 2 minutes), the game is fast-paced and each time different. To win a mixture of luck, memory, logic and ingenuity is required. These games are simple enough to be played by everybody and, at the same time, difficult enough for never boring. Actually, the more you understand them, the more you dig them.

Advanced Features

Chitarrella is made for your fun. Switch to the full-screen mode and immerse yourself into the game. Listen the enchanting soundtrack and enjoy the elegant animations.

Chitarrella is made for never boring. You can easily add or create other decks of cards (there's no limit), you can change the colors and the font of the score. You can change the speed of the animations or the reflection delays.
When you are tired of Scopone, switch to Tressette, and when you are tired of Tressette there are Briscola, Coteccio, Domino, Scopa di Quindici, Stoppata...

Chitarrella is made for exigent users: you can inspect the cards that have been played, you can reconsctruct the last phases of the game, you can go back if you make a mistake, you can even browse the hands of the other players!

Chitarrella is also made for users with no experience at all. You can ask the program to speak and give you hints before playing each card; otherwise you can watch the program playing against itself and learn the mechanisms of the game.

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Scopone Scientifico

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Reverse Tressette

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made in SQPM 2009

Giuseppe Balacco